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Homemade Hard Ricotta (Paneer)

Homemade Hard Ricotta (Paneer)

Video Recipe - Cheese production seems like something dark and mysterious. But it really is not. Especially the cheeses that does not have to be aged can be easily made at home. The Italian Ricotta and its cousin, the Indian Paneer, are both very easy to make, and incredibly useful for cooking.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Homemade Mascarpone Cream Cheese
Video Recipe - Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts. Unfortunately, it requires large amounts of mascarpone. It is a cream cheese that costs an arm and a leg here in Denmark. And a kidney. Fortunately, it is one of the easiest cheeses to make yourself, and it requires only two ingredients.
Homemade Greek/Tyrkish yogurt of whole milk
Video Recipe - I have tried different methods of making yogurt. One of my favorite ways is to make it with whole milk, which I then drain. The style usually known as "Turkish" or "Greek".
Homemade Feta Cheese
Video Recipe - It is a LOT of fun to make your own cheese and it's actually pretty easy. It does takes a little bit of utensils and ingredients that you don't normally have, but they are easy to obtain and it is definitely worth the effort. The funny thing is that all the cheeses we know have the same basic recipe. Just small changes in how you follow the recipe gives the different cheeses. So if you can make a kind of cheese you can actually make them all. Feta cheese is one of the easiest and fastest. And you don't have to wait a month before it can be eaten. Therefore, it is an ideal starting cheese.
Danish Sour Dough Rye Bread - My Favourite Recipe
Danes typically eat this type of dark sour rye bread at least once a day. It is our "national bread". We eat it mainly as open sandwiches with spreads and charcuterie. This is a simple but good recipe for rye bread.
Scalloped Potatoes - Creamed Potatoes
Video Recipe - A simple dish that is always popular in Denmark. I have had this dish at more parties than I care to remember. And I still love it. But then again. Potatoes in thin slices, bacon, cream, cheese and spices. How could it be wrong?

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Puff pastry baked with butter
Video Recipe - Homemade puff pastry is in a whole other class than the one you buy. There is no comparison. It is also relatively easy to do once you've tried it a few times.
With bottom, cheeses both, fruit and jelly is shown a traditional Danish cake, even though it exists in a multitude of versions. My favorite is the one with whole cherries in jelly on top. The yellow cheeses both and burgundy gel is also beautifully together.
Chocolate Sauce
The kids love it. The adults love it. Chocolate Sauce! Whether it is on pancakes, ice cream or anything else. Warm, creamy and so easy to make that it is almost easier than not to.
Pizza #1 - technique, background and methods
In Denmark, like many places in the world, pizza has become one of the most common dishes to eat. There are a myriad of ways to make them, and they are actually all correct. My favorite however is absolutely a thin crust Margherita with homemade tomato sauce, basil and buffalo mozzarella ... and then maybe just a little meat ... and then just a little onion ... and perhaps ...
Frangipani - Marzipan cake - Mazarin cake
A Danish cake classic. Heavy and spongy. Once again a variation on a pound cake. It's actually just a sponge cake with marzipan. But once again, it is a variation that is worth the effort.
Bread Baking Technique #3 - Classification of bread
Bread can be divided into several categories. As soon as you know them, it's easy to see a new recipe and say "ah that's this kind of bread." Which makes it easier to adapt any recipe for your own taste.
Vegetable pasta in herbal oil - based on zuchinni
you don't have to use plain old pasta as an accompaniment to your food. If you have a julienne tool, or little bit of knife handling skills, you can create a side dish with much more flavor. Various vegetables cut into long thin strips, with plenty of olive oil, garlic and herbs, taste far better than pasta and it's easy to make.
Bread Baking Technique #9 - Baking Stones, Pizza Stones and Steam In The Oven
In general, home ovens have a lot of problems. Most of them can be addressed with a few tricks though. One of the best tricks is using a baking stone. You can buy baking stone in many places, but they are rarely optimal. So I made up some tricks myself and now I can bake bread with the best.
Hamburger patties (hakkebøf) with gravy is every Danes favorite dish. At least it is a close tie as the national dish along with the "frikadeller" meatballs. We take this dish very seriously, so I have made a very detailed explanation on how to do it "right".
Apple jelly tastes good for both desserts and meat dishes. It also contains a lot of soluble fibers that are healthy. The combination is hard to beat ... I tell myself :-)
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