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Tarte Tatin - French apple pie or pear tart with a base of puff pastry

Tarte Tatin - French apple pie or pear tart with a base of puff pastry

Video Recipe - A classic French cake / dessert. Caramelised apples and puff pastry is a terrific combination. If you already have the puff pastry lying around, it is also very quick to make. Can also be made with pears.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Puff pastry baked with butter
Video Recipe - Homemade puff pastry is in a whole other class than the one you buy. There is no comparison. It is also relatively easy to do once you've tried it a few times.
Palmiers - pastry cookies shaped like palm fronds
Video Recipe - When using puff pastry you often have leftovers. Instead of throwing them out, you can make Palmiers. Small cute palm leaves. And yes. It's worth the effort. You could probably buy half a sack full in the supermarket for no money, but they will not be made ​​with butter.
Danish Celebration Cake - Horn of Plenty - Marzipan tower - Kransekage
The Celebrations cake is one of the very best cakes there is. We often eat it at new year's eve and for weddings, communions, birthdays, etc. My baker father in law, Kurt, bakes the best version of this cake I've ever had. I got him to give me the recipe and show me a few times how make it. So this is actually his recipe.
Pizza #6 - Shaping and baking
Regardless of how you make a pizza dough, or which topping you want to put on it, the pizza has to be shaped and baked. Here I try to describe the best techniques behind that.
Pizza #4 - Slowly fermented pizza dough - Wet - No Knead
The best pizza base with the large air holes in the crust and lots of flavor is undoubtedly the wet long-risen dough. It is also easy to make. Do not knead anything. But you need to start your day in advance if you need to reach it.

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Homemade marzipan
Video recipe - If you want to make Danish pastries and desserts, there is simply no way around marzipan. I have many danes living away from the country asking for a marzipan recipe. Because you can not buy it in most places in the world. I have not been happy with the recipes I could find in the literature or online, so here is the one I have made. It took only 1½ weeks of experimentation and reading up to get it right:-S I also contacted one of the major danish marzipan manufacturers (Odense) that kindly shared some secret.
Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce
A powerful and tasty pepper sauce. It has a beautiful rich color and can be used for almost all dishes where you would otherwise use tomato sauce. I have two versions of the same recipe here. The basic sauce is fine in itself and has a stronger pepper flavor. The creamy is more luxurious and delicious.
Orange Fromage / Orange Mousse
I know it from my childhood in the seventies. It was a classic recipe here in Denmark. But it has been somewhat of the radar for the last few decades. That is a shame since it is an excellent dessert. It is easy to make and inexpensive to boot. It is also a very good recipe to combine with other desserts. Especially if they include chocolate. This recipe is very simple, but I include a trick for pimping it up a little. Involving jelly and cake.
Veal shank is the same piece of meat that is used for Osso Buco, but a slow braising with a sweet port wine and a good stock puts that meat into a completely different class. It is also a dish that practically cannot fail. If you like meat that is so tender that it falls apart when eating, and has a dark strong beef flavor. Then this is just the ticket. The long list of ingredients can look somewhat daunting, but the basic principle is to just brown the meat and the vegetables, and then braise / let it simmer it in some wine.
Orange - Chocolate Muffins
Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for muffins. Easy to make. They are large, moist and tasty. In the past I did not eat muffins. I knew them only as small pieces of sponge cake with paper to be pulled off. Boring and tedious. But when we go abroad, the family is thrilled to get into Starbucks and get cocoa and muffins. Their muffins are also large moist and tasty. I then made this recipe inspired by them. And now the family will rather have "our own" muffins.
Clear soup with meatballs and dumplings, is not without reason has become a classic of Danish cuisine. However, it is often a big difference in quality. Here is a great recipe. When I make soup, I plan to be used with 2 dl finished soup per person. So this recipe is for 5 people.
Homemade almond flour
Almond flour is useful in many recipes. Homemade marzipan, petit fours, French macaroons, pie bottoms, paleo cooking etc. It is a little time consuming, but simple enough to make with a blender or coffee grinder.
Pompe - French puff pastry with lemon remonce
This is a cake recipe I have from my mother. A recipe she learned in the south of France. I do not understand why it is not a classic cake in all bakeries, as it is better than most that can be bought there. They taste is awesome and it is awesomely easy to make.
Homemade Duck Pâté
When you buy a whole duck there is often a strange little bag with wet stuff inside it. If the stuff is lucky, it'll be put into a roasting pan, where the duck drippings can drizzle down onto them, enabling you to make a duck sauce. But I think it's far better to use the stuff for a pâté.
French Bread - the classic recipe
The white bread is a classic. No doubt about that. Although I have baked "No Knead/The world's best bread" for years, the French bread somehow still leaves the kitchen a lot faster when I bake that :-S So there must be something to it that other loaves simply does not have. I often use this simple and quick recipe that never fails, and does not require anything more than a conventional oven to make. It provides a finished bread in 2 hours.
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