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Almond buns for burgers and sandwiches - Paleo buns

Almond buns for burgers and sandwiches - Paleo buns

Video recipe - When browsing paleo sites I have often seen recipes for almond buns and oopsies. I found that the almond buns looked interesting. So I have been experimenting with those a lot. This is the recipe I have developed. They are a lot easier to make than regular buns and they taste better too. So I make them often now.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Basic Soup - juliennesuppe - Minestrone - Vegetable Soup
Video Recipe - Basic soup / julienne soup is a simple vegetable soup which is very similar to the Italian minestrone. With a few changes it IS a minestrone. But I do usually this simpler version, and I'll just throw in whatever extra ingredients to spice it up a bit.
Cinnamon Sugar Toast - French Toast - In short: Panic Cakes
Video Recipe - A powerful snack attack is one of the worst feelings on a sunday night. Knowing there is nothing in the house and you just really feel like you *need* something delicious. Well, the cinnamon toast and the french toast is just the solution. They only use ingredients that most people have lying about, and it takes 5 minutes to make them.
Orange Fromage / Orange Mousse
I know it from my childhood in the seventies. It was a classic recipe here in Denmark. But it has been somewhat of the radar for the last few decades. That is a shame since it is an excellent dessert. It is easy to make and inexpensive to boot. It is also a very good recipe to combine with other desserts. Especially if they include chocolate. This recipe is very simple, but I include a trick for pimping it up a little. Involving jelly and cake.
Hollandaise sauce
Video Recipe - One of the most classic sauces. Often used for fish and chicken. It ss always a hit. And as it is made ​​almost entirely of butter the consistency never fails. It can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it, but when you have learned to make it, it is one of the quickest and easiest sauces to make at all.
Muffin base recipe and "The Muffin Method"
Video Recipe - A Muffin is a delicious simple and flexible cake. If you know the "muffin method", and the simple basic recipe, you can easily create and mix up your own recipes. So here is a thorough explanation of how the muffin is "constructed", and why.

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

Chocolate ganache is one of those simple recipes that you keep using all the time when you first know it. As a coating on cakes, like chocolate glaze if it is to be extra good, to cover the layers in a layer cake to prevent liquids from dissolving them. It can even be used as a simple chocolate sauce for ice cream.
This is the classic remoulade from Escoffier. It is like a cold version of a bernaise. It is a great herbal mayonnaise sauce. Usable as a condiment or dipping sauce for raw vegetables, french fries, bread etc.
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Toll House cookies)
Without a doubt the Americans' greatest contribution to the culinary arts :-) Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is the "original" American recipe. It's also known from an episode of "Friends." It's only the filling I've changed a little bit, in order to suit my own taste buds better.
Homemade Yogurt with heavy cream and skimmed milk powder
It's easy to make your own yogurt, and it can be quite different from the yoghurt you can buy in the store. If you like yogurt, it's even fun to make your own. People who are lactose intolerant can often also better tolerate homemade yogurt. The longer the yogurt "ferment" the more of the lactose is broken down. Making it easier to digest.
Bread Baking Technique #3 - Classification of bread
Bread can be divided into several categories. As soon as you know them, it's easy to see a new recipe and say "ah that's this kind of bread." Which makes it easier to adapt any recipe for your own taste.
Poppies, copenhagen poppy, tea poppy, danish pastry breakfast rolls with poppy seeds
Video recipe - it is well known that we danes have a hampering for danish pastry. Even our breakfast bread is often made from this. There is the classic "poppy" (birkes) that is a non sweet danish pastry with a load of poppy seed on top. Hence the name. And there is the "copenhagen poppy / tea poppy" where the pastry is a bit sweeter and there is almond remonce for filling. It is not quite a cake and not quite a breakfast roll. But very good none the less.
Danish marcipan petit fours - Marcipan Swirls
Video recipe - This is as classic and simple a cake as you can possibly make. Yet the result is fantastic. Almonds, egg whites and sugar. That is all. It is difficult to make anything simpler than that. But it is considered a luxury delicatesse, so this kind of cake is mostly served at special occasions in Denmark. Christenings, weddings, confirmations, anniversaries and so on.
Cold Carrot Soup with Whipped Cream
This might sound like an odd concoction, but the lightly spiced carrot soup and the cold whipped cream supplements each other perfectly. It is very nice as a starter or as just a part of a starter.
If you've wondered what that wonderful sticky and heavy sauce that gets "dripped" on your plate when you are at the restaurant. Then it's probably a demi glace. It usually takes more than 24 hours to prepare, but the result ... oh la la. Very little sauce goes a long way. Luckily, it's excellent to make in advance and suitable for freezing. If you want to surprise your guests and really show who is "the king of food", then this is the way. And the 24 hours? For the most part it just takes care of itself.
An English classic. A tangy lemon cream can be used as an accessory, as a spread and as cake filling.
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