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Æbleskiver - Aebleskiver - Apple Slices - American pancakes - pancake cake

Æbleskiver - Aebleskiver - Apple Slices - American pancakes - pancake cake

Video Recipe - Classic Nordic food. A round cake baked in a special pan, that all Scandinavians know and love. At least all Danes. Good with both icing sugar, jam or syrup. The same recipe can be used to make the small thick American pancakes you always see eaten on tv and films. You can also use it to make a layer cake with.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Manhattan Style American Cheesecake
Cheese cake - An American cheesecake is made from real cream cheese, and in contrast to the "cheese cake" we usually eat in Denmark it is baked. It's not a cake I bake very often for only the family. It is a dense and heavy cake where a single piece or two generally is enough. So a whole cheesecake never gets eaten here. But it is a fantastic cake. Especially when there are guests to share with.
Fried rice with egg and chicken (or other meat)
Video Recipe - It is a dish that only takes 10 minutes to make. So it is fast and it tastes really well. An Asian classic that we eat too little of here in Denmark. Potatoes and meat is typical of the danish leftover dish "biksemad/pyttipanna". Rice and meat leftovers is in this Asian equivalent.
Wok dish with chicken - Stir Fry Recipe
Video Recipe - I have a general article about stir frying on the site. But I did not add any recipe to it. So this recipe is an example of a simple wok right using the principles of the article. But make no mistake about it. It tastes great:-)
GCG and 123 - Asian tricks
Video Recipe - I make a lot of Asian food. It's easy, it's healthy and it tastes good. It is the perfect everyday food. There are many elements that recur in Asian food. The Chinese "holy trinity" of cooking is "garlic, chili and ginger". It is used in almost all their dishes. The Vietnamese has another trinity. Soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil. If you premix those two trinities then it becomes very easy to make Asian cooking.
Stir-Fry and Wok cooking - Introduction
Stir-Fry and wok cooking is still very new in Denmark, but it is becoming more and more popular. This is not really a recipe, but a general introduction to those that are not too familiar with it.

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

Vegetable stock
It is not as well known as the classic chicken stock, but it is just as usable, faster to make, and good to have in ones arsenal. Especially if you have vegetarian friends.
Omelette Royal with creamed spinach
When you mention the word "spinach" it can remove the happy smile from many a face. But it can taste really great if you cook it the right way. Like in this recipe where I put it inside an omelette. This is a dish that I eat for breakfast. It satiates for a long time. Though I am sure that the big piece of fish helped somewhat too.
Make a Sourdough Starter
Video recipe - It is easy to make your own sourdough. Despite the fact that most people around the world have only heard about this mysterious thing called "homemade bread based on sourdough". The problem is almost always to get started. To make the sourdough. But it is not hard, and it is something we do routinely here in denmark, where most of the bread we eat is sourdough ryebread.
Pompe - French puff pastry with lemon remonce
This is a cake recipe I have from my mother. A recipe she learned in the south of France. I do not understand why it is not a classic cake in all bakeries, as it is better than most that can be bought there. They taste is awesome and it is awesomely easy to make.
Pepper Nuts - Cookies
Pepper Nuts is a classic recipe with roots in the Middle Ages. With typical medieval spices. When a court has survived as long as it is not a coincidence. It is simple but good cakes that taste of July So it's not a recipe I made ??up. I have it from Jeanette, who has it from her grandmother, and now you have it too :-)
Poire Belle-Hélène - Pears Cooked in Red Wine
I got them once somewhere in France I think. It was before the Internet and I did not have the recipe. But I liked them so much that I made a similar recipe. I usually only eat them in the fall when pears are in season. And a little cinnamon and cloves reminds me that Christmas will soon be upon us.
French Chocolate macaroons with chocolate cream
There are few cakes that look as inviting as Macarons. Baby chocolate "burgers" with cream in the middle. In various colors even. They are not as difficult to bake as they might seem, and they are a great addition on any coffee table. Or as an accompaniment to a dessert. Ice, panna cotta etc. My personal favorite is this version with chocolate.
Danish Cinnamon Rolls - cinnamon buns - Snails - Coconut variation
This is undoubtedly the recipe I am most often pressured to make by my family. But that's easy to understand. Who does not like the classical cinnamon buns? This is a basic recipe, along with a few popular variations.
Sorbet is the most simple ice creams to make. It takes literally 5-10 minutes if you prepare a little bit in advance. Of course you can make sorbet without an ice cream maker, but they are so much better with one, so I strongly recommend them. Especially the type with built in compressor/freezer.
Red Roasted Prime Rib
Beef and veal prime rib is a beautiful piece of meat. The red marbled meat sitting on the cut ribs. It's not a cut we usually see at the butcher her in Denmark, but he can make it for you if you ask. Otherwise, go to the closest halal butcher, they will most likely have it. I usually roast it whole, and usually in my grill, where it will get a mild smoky taste of rosemary. The eyes lighting up around the table when the big piece of meat is served is worth it alone.
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