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Pizza #6 - Shaping and baking

Pizza #6 - Shaping and baking

Regardless of how you make a pizza dough, or which topping you want to put on it, the pizza has to be shaped and baked. Here I try to describe the best techniques behind that.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Pizza #4 - Slowly fermented pizza dough - Wet - No Knead
The best pizza base with the large air holes in the crust and lots of flavor is undoubtedly the wet long-risen dough. It is also easy to make. Do not knead anything. But you need to start your day in advance if you need to reach it.
Pizza #5 - Crust, medium wet dough - kneaded
What recipe to use depends on how long time you have to make your pizza dough. So here's an overview of how to get the best pizza dough in respect to the time you have available. The longer you time you have, the better the crust. But you can certainly make a good dough, even in a short amount of time.
Pizza #3 - Simple Tomato sauce - Easy and quick pizza and pasta sauce
Video Recipe - A tomato sauce can easily become too complicated. You can actually make one that is *very* simple, quick and extremely tasty with just a few ingredients. This simple recipe has certainly become my absolute favorite tomato sauce.
Vegetable stock
It is not as well known as the classic chicken stock, but it is just as usable, faster to make, and good to have in ones arsenal. Especially if you have vegetarian friends.
Shortcrust pastry - For Pies and Cakes - Tart Bottom
Video Recipe - Even though it is a simple recipe it is very versatile. The pastry is often what turns seperate ingredients into something special. It's also very quick to make. Here is a recipe for making it both manually and by using a food processor. And how to pre bake the bottom without any filling.

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Ossobuco - Classic Italian Preparation of Veal Shank
When I went to cooking class in public school, 6th grade I think, the most exciting dish we were allowed to make was osso buco. It really was pretty exotic to us. There were tomatoes in the sauce and there was also a garlic in it. And wine ... just how foreign could it be for a Nordic teenager. Even the term "teenager" was exotic and foreign to us, I should probably add. But Osso buco is one of those dishes that is as modern today as it was then in the 70s. So you know you it's a classic.
Pizza #6 - Shaping and baking
Regardless of how you make a pizza dough, or which topping you want to put on it, the pizza has to be shaped and baked. Here I try to describe the best techniques behind that.
Fish Stock
Video Recipe - Fish stock is a simple but very useful recipe. I use it for fish soup, shellfish soup, mix in with a bechamel sauce for fish. Etc. Etc. In short: it is a really nice recipe to know.
Grandma Maries oatmeal balls - Danish Christmas Treat
Video Recipe - The classic home copy of the baker truffles and rum balls. I do not like the almond extract that is traditionally used. So I use a little marzipan instead. And yes. That is grandmother Marie from the family who gave her name to the recipe. She most likely has the recipe from some womens magazine. But I do not want to dig too much into that. It is much more pleasant to live with the illusion that it has just magically been passed along by the generations.
Classic Homemade fermented sauerkraut
Video Recipe - When it comes to sauerkraut the opinions are divided. Some love it and others hate it. I hardly ned to say where I belong, as I am currently writing a recipe for it. The saukraut that you can buy are typically made by putting cabbage into vinegar. This is certainly not the best way to do it. It should be made like yogurts and sourdoughs, by fermenting until it becomes really good and healthy.
There are many ways to make a brine for the various uses. The only thing that is absolutely necessary is salt and water. This recipe is a general brine that never goes wrong. You can then make your meat more or less salt by allowing it stay longer in the brine. This is also a starting guide to marinating in brine. With only this guide in hand, you can get very far, just using these guidelines. So enjoy yourself. Brine is fun! Unlike "fresh marinated" chicken from the supermarket, no water enters the meat when it is marinated in brine. The high salt content in the brine actually make water seep out of the meat. Chemical processes called "diffusion" and "osmosis" is to blame. You can easily google more if it interests you.
Pompe - French puff pastry with lemon remonce
This is a cake recipe I have from my mother. A recipe she learned in the south of France. I do not understand why it is not a classic cake in all bakeries, as it is better than most that can be bought there. They taste is awesome and it is awesomely easy to make.
I had never thought of the traditional danish sausage "medister" as anything special. Until I got Astas homemade version. It was different, juicy and flavourful. It kept the basis of a classic "medister", yet still managed to be much better. It was a whole new experience, that opened my eyes to the possibility that medister could be something other than the rather tasteless experience I had previously been used to.
Homemade Yogurt with heavy cream and skimmed milk powder
It's easy to make your own yogurt, and it can be quite different from the yoghurt you can buy in the store. If you like yogurt, it's even fun to make your own. People who are lactose intolerant can often also better tolerate homemade yogurt. The longer the yogurt "ferment" the more of the lactose is broken down. Making it easier to digest.
Bread Baking Technique #5 - Mixing and kneading bread
We knead bread for three reasons. The first is very simply to mix the ingredients together. The second is that the mixing promotes the formation of the gluten in the flour. It makes the dough more elastic. The third is to bootstrap the fermentation.
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