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Beef Burgundy - Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef Burgundy - Boeuf Bourguignon

Video Recipe - A real autumn and winter classic. You have to start early, but most of the time spent is only simmering, and it takes care of itself. A stew is good basic recipe to have in your arsenal for all those "cheap" beef cuts. It may look complicated, and has quite a list of ingredients, but you use a lot of classic techniques, so this is one of those dishes you become a better cook by, and it is easy to vary.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Homemade Marshmallows
Video Recipe - Marshmallows are a new invention that was developed in the 50's. When making your own, you can even add any flavor and color that you want. It is also a recipe that kids love to try, so it is good to do with them. It does not take very long. This is a basic recipe. You may experiment with orange or strawberry juice instead of water, or water colored with red beets, or ....
Grandmas Klejner (klenät - fattigmann - kleynur - kleinur)
Video Recipe - Classic Danish/Scandinavian cake specially eaten at Christmas. I have certainly not seen it in other parts of the world. And this really IS grandmother's recipe. That is, not my grandmother, but my wife's father's grandmother. But that counts as well.
Crème brûlée
Video Recipe - Crème Brûlée is *the* classic French dessert. It is an edible toy for adults. A crispy caramel top. A creamy blubbery filling. It is simple to make. Uses few ingredients, and it's always a bit of a primal show-off doing the final work with the gas burner at the table.
Light and Dark stock / Bouillon
In french a stock is called "fond", from the word foundation. And a good stock IS the foundation of the french kitchen. It is the base of soups and sauces. It is the single ingredient that best distinguishes homemade food from what we get at restaurants. But most stock recipes are full of holes and implied methods. In this recipe I try very carefully to explain how to make a good stock, so you can raise the quality of your own food class or two. Death to the bouillon cubes :-)
Clarifying Stock - with an egg raft
Video Recipe - The stock I use in this recipe is made with roasted chicken thighs. The chickens are also divided and the vegetables are cookalong from the beginning. That's the perfect recipe for a muddy and unclear stock. To be honest, I also forgot it for a while, so that it came to a full boil :-S Well actually, it was not really a problem no problem because this stock was meant to be used for a brown sauce. If I had needed a clear stock it would have been too bad. But fear not! It can be cleaned up with this method.

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

This is a spiced couscous with orange peel, pine-nuts and raisins for four people. If there is an left overs, it can always be used for a packed lunch the next day. It is an unusual but underrated side dish here in Denmark. It is reminiscent of boiled rice, but is made from semolina, which in itself does not taste of much. This makes it suitable for adding all sorts of deliciousness. Personally I prefer it like this. It is served cold and is therefore very suitable for making in advance, and it can be served straight from the fridge.
No Bake Cheese Cake With Gelatin Topping - The easiest version
Video Recipe - Cheesecake is not a big thing here in Denmark. But I love it. I have been wondering for a while whether I could make it a little more simple than the one I usually make. I have been toying with different recipes and it seems that I have achieved a pretty good result with this recipe, that I now have settled on. But do try it out yourself!
Peanut sauce is not very well known in Denmark. It is an Asian recipe that is just as good on steamed vegetables on white meat. I use it mostly, however, as a dressing for cooked and steamed vegetables.
Scalloped Potatoes - Creamed Potatoes
Video Recipe - A simple dish that is always popular in Denmark. I have had this dish at more parties than I care to remember. And I still love it. But then again. Potatoes in thin slices, bacon, cream, cheese and spices. How could it be wrong?
Grandpa's beard - a Danish classic
Video Recipe - A mixture of meringue and raspberry jam on a base of cake. Yeah I know ... marmalade in grandpa's beard may sound a little yuck, but it's not a cake that becomes very old in my house. I have no Idea why the cake is called "Grandpa's Beard", but it is the direct translation from the Danish name.
The world's best bread - No Knead Bread - Dutch Oven Bread
Slowly fermented bread. The best bread I have ever encountered is amusingly enough also one of the simplest to bake. It doesn't require kneading and only very little handling. Usually less than 10 minutes. The only drawback is that it has to ferment for a long time, so the process can be difficult to get into a working day.
One of my favorite sausage recipes. It is actually good enough that you can serve it to guests, instead of the other kinds of "fine" meat. It is a dark and powerful tasting sausage.
For any gathering you always need something to dip the chips into. Guacamole is constant in the "top three nice dipping sauces". Here is a great recipe that is also suitable for filling in Mexican pancakes and as a side to meat dishes. It is basically "one of all" so it is easy to remember too.
Cinnamon Sugar Toast - French Toast - In short: Panic Cakes
Video Recipe - A powerful snack attack is one of the worst feelings on a sunday night. Knowing there is nothing in the house and you just really feel like you *need* something delicious. Well, the cinnamon toast and the french toast is just the solution. They only use ingredients that most people have lying about, and it takes 5 minutes to make them.
Veal shank is the same piece of meat that is used for Osso Buco, but a slow braising with a sweet port wine and a good stock puts that meat into a completely different class. It is also a dish that practically cannot fail. If you like meat that is so tender that it falls apart when eating, and has a dark strong beef flavor. Then this is just the ticket. The long list of ingredients can look somewhat daunting, but the basic principle is to just brown the meat and the vegetables, and then braise / let it simmer it in some wine.
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