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Splitting and dividing a chicken with a knife

Splitting and dividing a chicken with a knife

Video Recipe - Splitting a chicken is not that hard. But for a beginner there is a few tricks that are nice to know. I show my method for splitting chicken in 4, 8 and 16 pieces here.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Potato Blinis - Small Potato Pancakes
Video Recipe - Boiled potatoes from the day before are fantastic to use in many dishes. Potato Blinis is one of those recipes that I use them for relatively often. Small thick pancakes that are very similar to the american breakfast pancakes. They are equally useful in the sweet and the savory kitchen.
Boneless, marinated and grilled leg of lamb
Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for leg of lamb. The best taste and fairly quick preparation. What's not to love about it? The marinade and grilling results in a very good and strong flavor. The trick is that a the leg gets more surface when the bone is removed. And the surface is of course where most of the flavor is.
Boning and Butterflying a Leg Of Lamb
Video Recipe - Typically we fry a leg of lamb whole. Because it's the easiest to do. But a really good trick is to debone and butterfly it. You can cook it a lot faster then. The flattened shape also gives more room for a browned surface. You will also get more of that smoky barbecued flavor all oever the meat. Or you can roll them into a meat roll with marinade inside, so you get the marinade flavor onto all of the meat.
Potato Rosti - Swiss Potato Pancakes - Pommes Rösti
Video Recipe - Rösti are made with cooked potatoes, so I use it often as "leftovers" instead of the typical fried potatoes, hash and so on. But it is an accessory that everyone likes, and it has the advantage that you can add bacon, onion, cheese, apple or fresh herb. Which promises it over the other simple potato dishes.
Kvalitella - Because it rhymes with homemade Nutella
Video Recipe - My own recipe for a sweet hazel-nutty-chocolate'y spread. I don't think I have to tell you what it can be used for ...

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

A plain chocolate cake with icing can be a little dry. Sometimes even a little boring. The Sachertorte is in a class of its own though. With its tangy jam, soft chocolate mousse and the heavy chocolate coating. At one point I was getting a bit tired of chocolate cakes. Yes it is hard to believe, but it can happen. Fortunately, I discovered the Sachertorte which extended the live of chocolate cakes in this home. This recipe is a classic for a reason. It is actually old and classic enough that it is not using chemical leavening. It raises with the help of the whipped egg whites alone.
Vegetable pasta in herbal oil - based on zuchinni
you don't have to use plain old pasta as an accompaniment to your food. If you have a julienne tool, or little bit of knife handling skills, you can create a side dish with much more flavor. Various vegetables cut into long thin strips, with plenty of olive oil, garlic and herbs, taste far better than pasta and it's easy to make.
Fruit Juice Jelly - gelatin
Video Recipe - A delicious jelly of fresh juice really is a cheap trick. It can be a dessert in itself, or fruit pieces on top of a pie can be brushed with it to make'm shine. It can keep the sliced fruit fresh, on top of the cake. You can put a thick layer on top of a cake and make it brighter, more beautiful and delicious. Moreover, jelly was one of the first molecular gastronomy foods that was made. In the olden days it was only the nobles who got it. Now we can too.
This is the classic remoulade from Escoffier. It is like a cold version of a bernaise. It is a great herbal mayonnaise sauce. Usable as a condiment or dipping sauce for raw vegetables, french fries, bread etc.
Hollandaise sauce
Video Recipe - One of the most classic sauces. Often used for fish and chicken. It ss always a hit. And as it is made ​​almost entirely of butter the consistency never fails. It can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it, but when you have learned to make it, it is one of the quickest and easiest sauces to make at all.
Stir-Fry and Wok cooking - Introduction
Stir-Fry and wok cooking is still very new in Denmark, but it is becoming more and more popular. This is not really a recipe, but a general introduction to those that are not too familiar with it.
Danish Liver pâté - Leverpostej
Danish liver pâté is basically a simple saucage mix that is made from pork liver and fat. It is then cooked in a pan in a water bath, inside the oven. It is also possible to make it if you use a food processor instead of a mincer.
Crème brûlée
Video Recipe - Crème Brûlée is *the* classic French dessert. It is an edible toy for adults. A crispy caramel top. A creamy blubbery filling. It is simple to make. Uses few ingredients, and it's always a bit of a primal show-off doing the final work with the gas burner at the table.
Danish pastry Cream Puffs - Carnival Buns
Video Recipe - Every year in the late winter we have the danish fastelavn (carnival), which is essentially the same as halloween. Dressing up, walking door to door etc. These cream puffs are the cakes that are traditionally eaten at this occasion. But they are good all year round ...
Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock - Quick and Easy Chicken Stock
I often use stock in my cooking, and I like to have pre-cooked chicken leftovers in the refrigerator. So about once a week I make a batch of pressure cooker stock of chicken. It is much easier and faster than the traditional way, and it tastes excellent.
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