by: Max M Rasmussen

Tiramisu - Italian Layer Cake

A portion of Tiramisu - Max M Rasmussen
Video Recipe - A classic Italian cake, available in a wide variety of version. The main ingredients are the creamy mild mascarpone cheese that mostly taste like a heavy cream, and ladyfingers that are a bit similar to macaroons. I used to not bee very excited about it. Mostly because the ones I had tasted too much of coffee. So when I finally tasted one I liked (no actually, loved) the taste of, I made sure to get the recipe. I have never regretted this. Except sometimes when I'm out running:-s A dessert you can easily make the day before serving. It actually becomes better after resting overnight.


Serves 8

  • 5 egg yolks
  • 50 g (2 oz) icing sugar
  • 500 g (18 oz) mascarpone
  • 1 tbsp grand marnier
  • 24 ladyfingers
  • 3 tsp cocoa
  • 4 dl (1½ cup) coffee - strong, cold


Beat the egg yolks and icing sugar until creamy.

Add the mascarpone and the Grand Marnier. Stir thoroughly. Taste the cream. It may well be that there should be an extra splash of Grand Marnier. Heck take a glass and acup of coffee yourself.

Your cream may very well be rather runny at this point, but that will not matter, it'll stiffen up again as it cools, and the ladyfingers suck the liquid out of cheese cream.

Pour some coffee in a small dish, or a pan, for dipping the lady fingers. I fill it at the height of ½ lady finger. That way I know I can let them touch the bottom and not be completely covered in coffee. As I said, I don't like the coffee flavour too strong.

Dunk the lady fingers into the coffee. Quickly up and down. Let them rest in the coffee for ½ second or something like that. They soak very quickly.

Add alternating layers of mascarpone and cream. End the top of the cake of with a layer of mascarpone. Put a sprinkle of cocoa on each layer of mascarpone.

Finish with a layer of mascarpone cream.

My layering is usually:

--- top ---

cocoa (just before serving)


lady fingers



lady fingers


--- bottom ---

Let it cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Just before serving, sprinkle it with sifted cocoa powder.

Serve with coffee and a small glass of Grand Marnier.

A whole Tiramisu in a serving tray - Max M Rasmussen
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you're right!

no one noticed! I love your recipes and you're so funny. I even went off with a friend, picking uncultivated almonds for marzipan - boy were they hard to open, and we ate and ate, and then discovered they're full of natural cyanide! :) but the marzipan was fantastic. So, thanks, and stay funny.