by: Max M Rasmussen

Crispy chicken thigh - Asian style

Crispy chicken is some of the best meat you can eat. I should know, as I do it often. Especially when there is a busy week ahead and I prepare food for several days for Asian dishes. Then it only takes 10 minutes to prepare the meat on the day itself.

When ordering an Asian dish with crispy chicken, it is usually the breast you get. But in fact, the thigh is even better to fry. You use almost the same technique for thighs and breasts, but there is still a slight difference, so I will make two different recipes.


  • 1 chicken thigh per person


Debone the chicken thigh as shown in this recipe.

Let it simmer for 45 minutes.

Take out the pieces and let them drip.

Put them uncovered into the fridge, preferably overnight until the skin is dry.

You can either salt the pieces before you put them in the fridge or just before you fry them.

Add at least ½ cm of fat on the pan and heat up the pan well before frying. The meat is to be almost deep fried.

Fry at relatively high temperature on the skin side first. Turn over the meat when the skin is brown and crisp. Fry on the meat side until that is brown and crisp too.

Be careful when handling the meat. It tends to fall apart as it is very tender.


The principle of making crispy chicken thighs is that it must be boiled first, after which the skin must be as dry as possible before you fry it. Then it should be cooked in plenty of fat at a fairly high temperature.

As the meat is already cooked it is finished as soon as it is brown and crispy. So it's both quick and easy.

You can boil your thighs up to 2-3 days before they are fried and served.

Crispy chicken with rice and curry sauce - Max M Rasmussen
Crispy chicken, kind of close up. - Max M Rasmussen