by: Max M Rasmussen

Archiduc (Grand Duke) - salad with beetroot, potatoes and lettuce salad

The Grand Duke's salad is a bit of a love /hate thin. There are many who does not like beetroot and for those it is not a hit. For the rest of us it's a nice quick and easy salad.

The Grand Duke's Salad - Max M Rasmussen


4 servings

  • 2 beetroots, cooked, in large julienne
  • 5 oz (150 g) of endive (or other green salad) in julienne
  • 4 between ell. 8 small potatoes in large julienne, cooked
  • truffle in julienne (I use truffle oil in the vinaigrette instead.)
  • vinaigrette


I think that the Endivie salad is too bitter so I use romain instead.

I buy the beetroots pre-cooked. It works as well as boiling them oneself.

Julienne: cut into pieces the size of matches.

Large Julienne: cut in thickness the size of french fries. 

Vinaigrette: dressing made with 1 part vinegar / 3 parts oil. You can use lemon instead of vinegar. Salt and pepper. Use plenty of salt. 

Truffles: you can use truffle oil. It's easier to get hold of and a lot cheaper. 

Potatoes: Use the most firm and waxy ones you can find. As a rule, the small varieties used for caramelized potatoes or asparagus potatoes.

The ingredients - Max M Rasmussen
Cooked and sliced - Max M Rasmussen
Enough salad for 4 Grand Dukes - Max M Rasmussen