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Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Video Recipe - I have been eating home fries since I was a kid. We had it the traditional "Danish style" with just potatoes, fat for frying, salt and pepper. For the last few years though, I have acquired a taste for the German version "Bratkartoffeln" with onion and bacon.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Ginger ale or other types of fizzy softdrink - with no machines
Recipe with video - Once in a while I felt the urge to make my own sodapop. I especially wanted to eksperiment with unusual flavours. Or try to make my own cola, using one of the recipes that are online. But that sodamachine has always stopped me. I simply don't drint enough fizzy drinks to buy one of those. But then I found a very simple recipe where yeast is used to make the fizzle. Like beer and champagne.
Chokolate fondant - hot muffins with chocolate cream in the middle
Video recipe - Gordon Ramsay is crazy about chocolate fondant. And it looks extremely sophisticated when you serve it. First it looks like a plain ordinary muffin, the when you cut it, hot delicious chocolate crème comes pouring out. It is a bit amusing as it is really just chocolate poundcake that is not fully baked. So it is pretty easy to make, but can be a bit difficult to bake just right.
Foccacia bread
Recipe with video - Foccacia is an italian flatbread that is in family with the pizza. But unlike the pizza foccacia is served as a sidedish. I sometime serve it at family gatherings, where it dissapers like dew in the morning sun. And I am constantly asked for the recipe. So here it is.
Make a Sourdough Starter
Video recipe - It is easy to make your own sourdough. Despite the fact that most people around the world have only heard about this mysterious thing called "homemade bread based on sourdough". The problem is almost always to get started. To make the sourdough. But it is not hard, and it is something we do routinely here in denmark, where most of the bread we eat is sourdough ryebread.

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Bread Baking Technique #5 - Mixing and kneading bread
Video Recipe - We knead bread for three reasons. The first is very simply to mix the ingredients together. The second is that the mixing promotes the formation of the gluten in the flour. It makes the dough more elastic. The third is to bootstrap the fermentation. In this video I show a basic principle that can be used for any type of dough, and how to implement it for dough with different amounts of hydration. I also demonstrate what gluten is, and what it does in a bread.
"This is it. you hereby get my recipe for gingerbread biscuits. The recipe is over a 100 years old." My sister in law announced one day. I was a bit shell shocked. It had taken me almost all of those 100 years to pry the recipe from her:-S But now that I have it, I am happy to share this recipe. it is awesome!
Duck Sauce - Traditional Danish Sauce for Christmas Eve
Video Recipe - For me, the hardest thing to do for christmas eve was always the duck sauce. If you make it like a restaurant sauce, it will not have the correct consistency and taste the we danes know from christmas eve. So the trick is to find a balance both in the time it takes, and the ingredients you have to use. This recipe has a few variations both the traditional "everyday Christmas Eve" and the "fine dining Christmas Eve."
Shortbread - English/Scottish cookies
Shortbread is a funny cookie. It is literally the most simple cake recipe there is! Only 3 ingredients. I do not think you can make a recipe more simple than that and then get something edible out of it, that can be called a cake. For me, this is the "Ground Zero" of the cakes. Where it all starts. All other cakes are variations of it. Well ok. That is perhaps not the entirely right, but it only takes 5 minutes to bake, and can be eaten with jam or other sweet spreads.
Triple Chocolate Muffin
A veritable explosion of chocolate. A muffin that contains three kinds of chocolate filling. Dark, milk and white. The various chocolates makes this recipe tastes completely different than a normal chocolate cake. And then of course there is the orange to give it a little acidity.
Tarte Tatin - French apple pie or pear tart with a base of puff pastry
Video Recipe - A classic French cake / dessert. Caramelised apples and puff pastry is a terrific combination. If you already have the puff pastry lying around, it is also very quick to make. Can also be made with pears.
Boxed Chorizo
When I cook fried vegetables, make Spanish omelettes, hash from leftovers, etc. I love to add small pieces of chorizo to them. It provides an incredible amount of flavor with small amounts of meat. But chorizo is a very expensive sausage to use in frying. Therefore it is a good candidate for making your own spicy chorizo stuffing, that you can just put into a box in the fridge and use as needed.
With bottom, cheeses both, fruit and jelly is shown a traditional Danish cake, even though it exists in a multitude of versions. My favorite is the one with whole cherries in jelly on top. The yellow cheeses both and burgundy gel is also beautifully together.
Light and Dark stock / Bouillon
In french a stock is called "fond", from the word foundation. And a good stock IS the foundation of the french kitchen. It is the base of soups and sauces. It is the single ingredient that best distinguishes homemade food from what we get at restaurants. But most stock recipes are full of holes and implied methods. In this recipe I try very carefully to explain how to make a good stock, so you can raise the quality of your own food class or two. Death to the bouillon cubes :-)
1-2-3 Nüsli - Pure Nut Granola - Paleo Müesli
Video Recipe - A müesli without oatmeal is a pure luxury. It is easy to make and it tastes good to boot. However, it is an advantage if you are able to use a kitchen machine with a vegetable slicer. Otherwise, it will take its own sweet time.
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