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Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Video Recipe - I have been eating home fries since I was a kid. We had it the traditional "Danish style" with just potatoes, fat for frying, salt and pepper. For the last few years though, I have acquired a taste for the German version "Bratkartoffeln" with onion and bacon.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Ginger ale or other types of fizzy softdrink - with no machines
Recipe with video - Once in a while I felt the urge to make my own sodapop. I especially wanted to eksperiment with unusual flavours. Or try to make my own cola, using one of the recipes that are online. But that sodamachine has always stopped me. I simply don't drint enough fizzy drinks to buy one of those. But then I found a very simple recipe where yeast is used to make the fizzle. Like beer and champagne.
Chokolate fondant - hot muffins with chocolate cream in the middle
Video recipe - Gordon Ramsay is crazy about chocolate fondant. And it looks extremely sophisticated when you serve it. First it looks like a plain ordinary muffin, the when you cut it, hot delicious chocolate crème comes pouring out. It is a bit amusing as it is really just chocolate poundcake that is not fully baked. So it is pretty easy to make, but can be a bit difficult to bake just right.
Foccacia bread
Recipe with video - Foccacia is an italian flatbread that is in family with the pizza. But unlike the pizza foccacia is served as a sidedish. I sometime serve it at family gatherings, where it dissapers like dew in the morning sun. And I am constantly asked for the recipe. So here it is.
Make a Sourdough Starter
Video recipe - It is easy to make your own sourdough. Despite the fact that most people around the world have only heard about this mysterious thing called "homemade bread based on sourdough". The problem is almost always to get started. To make the sourdough. But it is not hard, and it is something we do routinely here in denmark, where most of the bread we eat is sourdough ryebread.

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

Brownies basically just is another variation of a pound cake. It has a bit more sugar. Some of the flour replaced with nuts, it has a bit less baking powder and added cocoa. But these small changes are enough to make the brownie a cake of its own. It is dense and heavy, more confetionery than cake. Sweet and strong. Lovely!
If you've wondered what that wonderful sticky and heavy sauce that gets "dripped" on your plate when you are at the restaurant. Then it's probably a demi glace. It usually takes more than 24 hours to prepare, but the result ... oh la la. Very little sauce goes a long way. Luckily, it's excellent to make in advance and suitable for freezing. If you want to surprise your guests and really show who is "the king of food", then this is the way. And the 24 hours? For the most part it just takes care of itself.
Panna Cotta - Italian vanilla pudding
Video Recipe - Any food that jiggles is always fun, and desserts are fun. So the funny and delicious Panna Cotta is the ideal dessert. It is easy to make, it tastes good and it is so neutral that it will fit onto a dessert plate with almost any other accessory. It is not without reason, that it is a classic.
Palmiers - pastry cookies shaped like palm fronds
Video Recipe - When using puff pastry you often have leftovers. Instead of throwing them out, you can make Palmiers. Small cute palm leaves. And yes. It's worth the effort. You could probably buy half a sack full in the supermarket for no money, but they will not be made ​​with butter.
Raspberry marmalade - Strawberry marmalade
Raspberry and strawberry marmalade are made the same way. Actually you can use almost any type of fruit using this one recipe. It's the classic peasant's recipe. Pound for pound: "A pound of sugar to a pound of berries and boil to the right consistency." There are a few tricks worth knowing though.
Danish pastry - base recipe - danish pastry bar
Video recipe - Danish pastry is well known and well loved all over the world. And it is very good. But you can actually make your own danish that has an even higher quality that the one you can get from danish bakers. My father in law who is a skilled baker gave me this recipe. I have changed a few things in it though. His version used a special "folding margarine" I have replaced that with real butter, and that does wonder for the taste. But no matter what, it is difficult get a better cake than danish pastry. Which we incidently call "viennese bread" in Denmark :-S
Orange - Chocolate Muffins
Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for muffins. Easy to make. They are large, moist and tasty. In the past I did not eat muffins. I knew them only as small pieces of sponge cake with paper to be pulled off. Boring and tedious. But when we go abroad, the family is thrilled to get into Starbucks and get cocoa and muffins. Their muffins are also large moist and tasty. I then made this recipe inspired by them. And now the family will rather have "our own" muffins.
Foccacia bread
Recipe with video - Foccacia is an italian flatbread that is in family with the pizza. But unlike the pizza foccacia is served as a sidedish. I sometime serve it at family gatherings, where it dissapers like dew in the morning sun. And I am constantly asked for the recipe. So here it is.
Vegetable stock
It is not as well known as the classic chicken stock, but it is just as usable, faster to make, and good to have in ones arsenal. Especially if you have vegetarian friends.
Boneless, marinated and grilled leg of lamb
Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for leg of lamb. The best taste and fairly quick preparation. What's not to love about it? The marinade and grilling results in a very good and strong flavor. The trick is that a the leg gets more surface when the bone is removed. And the surface is of course where most of the flavor is.
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