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Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln

Video Recipe - I have been eating home fries since I was a kid. We had it the traditional "Danish style" with just potatoes, fat for frying, salt and pepper. For the last few years though, I have acquired a taste for the German version "Bratkartoffeln" with onion and bacon.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Home Fries - Brased Potatoes - Bratkartoffeln
Video Recipe - I have been eating home fries since I was a kid. We had it the traditional "Danish style" with just potatoes, fat for frying, salt and pepper. For the last few years though, I have acquired a taste for the German version "Bratkartoffeln" with onion and bacon.
Splitting and dividing a chicken with a knife
Video Recipe - Splitting a chicken is not that hard. But for a beginner there is a few tricks that are nice to know. I show my method for splitting chicken in 4, 8 and 16 pieces here.
Potato Blinis - Small Potato Pancakes
Video Recipe - Boiled potatoes from the day before are fantastic to use in many dishes. Potato Blinis is one of those recipes that I use them for relatively often. Small thick pancakes that are very similar to the american breakfast pancakes. They are equally useful in the sweet and the savory kitchen.
Boneless, marinated and grilled leg of lamb
Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for leg of lamb. The best taste and fairly quick preparation. What's not to love about it? The marinade and grilling results in a very good and strong flavor. The trick is that a the leg gets more surface when the bone is removed. And the surface is of course where most of the flavor is.
Boning and Butterflying a Leg Of Lamb
Video Recipe - Typically we fry a leg of lamb whole. Because it's the easiest to do. But a really good trick is to debone and butterfly it. You can cook it a lot faster then. The flattened shape also gives more room for a browned surface. You will also get more of that smoky barbecued flavor all oever the meat. Or you can roll them into a meat roll with marinade inside, so you get the marinade flavor onto all of the meat.

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French Chocolate macaroons with chocolate cream
There are few cakes that look as inviting as Macarons. Baby chocolate "burgers" with cream in the middle. In various colors even. They are not as difficult to bake as they might seem, and they are a great addition on any coffee table. Or as an accompaniment to a dessert. Ice, panna cotta etc. My personal favorite is this version with chocolate.
Pizza #1 - technique, background and methods
In Denmark, like many places in the world, pizza has become one of the most common dishes to eat. There are a myriad of ways to make them, and they are actually all correct. My favorite however is absolutely a thin crust Margherita with homemade tomato sauce, basil and buffalo mozzarella ... and then maybe just a little meat ... and then just a little onion ... and perhaps ...
Beef Burgundy - Boeuf Bourguignon
Video Recipe - A real autumn and winter classic. You have to start early, but most of the time spent is only simmering, and it takes care of itself. A stew is good basic recipe to have in your arsenal for all those "cheap" beef cuts. It may look complicated, and has quite a list of ingredients, but you use a lot of classic techniques, so this is one of those dishes you become a better cook by, and it is easy to vary.
Panna Cotta - Italian vanilla pudding
Video Recipe - Any food that jiggles is always fun, and desserts are fun. So the funny and delicious Panna Cotta is the ideal dessert. It is easy to make, it tastes good and it is so neutral that it will fit onto a dessert plate with almost any other accessory. It is not without reason, that it is a classic.
Lemon Moon - Citrus Moon - Danish "Citronmåne"
In the US it is folklore that the cops eat doughnuts. In Denmark we have the same thing with this cake. The lemon moon. It is typical a factory made cake. But it is much better when it is homemade. Like this.
Handmade fresh pasta - homemade pasta
Video Recipe - A lot of us, by now, have a pasta machine, but if you are really hardcore, you make it by hand ;-) A rolling pin and a knife is all you need. The funny thing is that it does actually not take any longer to do it by hand ... but it's quite a bit harder on the arms. Ok. A machine is easier, but it's fun to do it all by hand.
Bread Baking Technique #1 - The Baker's Percentage
When making varied and/or large quantities of bread the easiest way to write your recipes are as "bakers percentage". Where ingredients are measured in percents as compared to the total amount of flour. Understanding the bakers percentage also makes you a better baker because they help you understand the structure of different breads recipes instead of just memorising numbers.
Shortbread - English/Scottish cookies
Shortbread is a funny cookie. It is literally the most simple cake recipe there is! Only 3 ingredients. I do not think you can make a recipe more simple than that and then get something edible out of it, that can be called a cake. For me, this is the "Ground Zero" of the cakes. Where it all starts. All other cakes are variations of it. Well ok. That is perhaps not the entirely right, but it only takes 5 minutes to bake, and can be eaten with jam or other sweet spreads.
Classic Homemade fermented sauerkraut
Video Recipe - When it comes to sauerkraut the opinions are divided. Some love it and others hate it. I hardly ned to say where I belong, as I am currently writing a recipe for it. The saukraut that you can buy are typically made by putting cabbage into vinegar. This is certainly not the best way to do it. It should be made like yogurts and sourdoughs, by fermenting until it becomes really good and healthy.
Bread Baking Technique #2 - Measuring and Weighing Flour
In many recipes the measurements are volumetric. Such as Liters, milliliters, cups, quarts etc. Rather than in weight measurements such as kg, gram, lbs and oz. If you know the recipe, or is somebody who does not have a weight, it's a fine shortcut to do it this way. But it is not without problems using volumetric measurements of flour instead of weight. Here I show why.
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